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A prejudice lawyer is sent back as a Puerto Rican cop to learn a lesson. What She Did for Love. A singer is sent back to discover what she really wanted out of life.

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Second Service. An ex-tennis player is sent back to convince her younger self to find love. The Gift of Life. As a doctor a woman tries to bring her father back into her life. Birds of Paradise.

Twice In a Lifetime

A man is sent back to keep his former girlfriend from overdosing and to keep him writing his music. Take Two. An actress is sent back to an early audition that she thinks affected her whole life. For Love and Money. Single mother Sophie Price has made a fortune on a cookie recipe and the resulting business.

However she was only able to make this fortune because of the fortune she stole. Old Flames.

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Married to Barry Lewis, Edwina Lewis was a philanthropist and faithful to her husband. But she always wondered if their friend, Dr. Hugh Janyk - a man she worked with in Doctors Without Borders - was the one she should have been with. Pride and Prejudice.

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Straight-laced Ron Taylor is feeling under-appreciated at work, despite his dedication and commitment. He hates his job in part because of the treatment he receives. But his hard work, and that of his wife Tammy, resulted in their daughter, Caitlin, being neglected as she was growing up.

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Party Girls. Blair Wilson is an unwed mother whose daughter Chloe has been taken away from her since she is seen as an unfit mother due to her partying ways and alcohol abuse. The Trouble with Harry. Moments before he accidentally dies, songwriter Tom Lasky comes home and as usual dismisses his crazy next door neighbor, Harry.

Tom's mother Bess wants Tom to look after Harry as a brother outside of the institutional world. Tom instead calls the authorities to have Harry taken away to the psychiatric hospital, a move Harry begs him not to do as he knows he cannot survive in such places. The Sins of Our Fathers.

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  • Seventeen year old Sam Ryder lives with his fourteen year old sister, Angel, and father. Sam's mother died twelve years earlier, or so his father told him. Harry Mackenzie works in a factory by day, and comes home to comfortable marriage at night, but it lacks excitement and passion. For his 50th birthday, his wife Kate blithely tells him to just go to his favorite corner tavern and have a good time.

    Twice In a Lifetime

    An attractive barmaid, Audrey Minelli, captures his interest. Harry falls for her and, before long, shocks Kate by requesting a divorce. This horrifies their daughters, particularly Sunny, who is having a difficult marriage of her own, and Helen, who is about to be wed. Kate goes through a difficult period of adjustment. She eventually lands a job in a beauty salon, changes her appearance, and tries to adopt a new outlook on life. But by the time Harry brings Audrey to his daughter Helen's wedding, old wounds open up that continue to keep the family members apart.

    Amy Madigan received nominations from both the Golden Globes and the Oscars for best supporting actress. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Twice in a Lifetime Theatrical release poster. Films directed by Bud Yorkin.