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In many places of the Qur'an al-karim, it is said, " Wa huwa 'ala kulli shay'in qadir ," which means, "He is capable of all things. He torments whomever He wills, and He forgives whomever He wills. Allah is capable of all things. If He gives you some good, none can deprive you of it. He is capable of all things.

“Zamharīr”: The Cold Section of Hell & the Du’ā During Cold Weather

The Qur'an al-karim says what means : Beware of the Fire whose fuel is humans and stones. That Fire has been prepared for disbelievers. It boils in bellies like molten metal, like boiling water.

It will be said, "Seize the guilty one. Drag him to the middle of Hell, and then pour onto his head boiling water as torment. You will drink from boiling water like thirsty camels attacking water. Such will be their feast on the Day of Requital. He will sip that water but will not be able swallow it.

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Death [lethal torment] will come to him from every direction, but he will not die and get off. From behind him will come a rigorous chastisement.

'Special place in hell' for Brexiteers, says EU's Tusk - Reuters

Every time their skins are burnt off, We will replace them with new skins so that they feel more pain. Allah is Mighty and Hakim. But He will torment them by creating new skins. We will increase their torment many times more.

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The torments, which will multiply, will go on in this way forever. This is not difficult for Allahu ta'ala.

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It suffices for Him to say, "Be! When a youth who had listened to this Qur'anic verse asked our master the Messenger the qualities of those stones, he stated, "If one of those stones were thrown at a mountain, all mountains [the entire world] would burn to ashes" Ibn Abi ad-Dunya. Of the Prophetic sayings that clarify the above-mentioned Qur'anic verses, some are as follows: When none of the wishes of disbelievers are fulfilled in Hell, they will say, "O Malik, let your Lord at least finish us off.

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When the Fire touches the inhabitants of Hell, it will burn them and turn them to coal. When the scorpions of Hell sting a disbeliever, the pain its venom causes will make him forget the Hellfire. Then imagine the states of those whose only food is zaqqum. The one who does not have power to perform some actions cannot be the god. If the statement "The skin will strike up a friendship with the Fire, so it will not burn it anymore" is said by a wali by inspiration, the relevant person is regarded as excusable.

However, those who follow and believe him cannot escape disaster, for inspiration is not proof or documentary evidence in Islam. Freezing cold Question: The 13th verse of Insan Sura describes Paradise, saying, "Muslims will sit on couches in Paradise, finding therein neither scorching heat nor freezing cold. However, Islamic scholars state that there is a bitterly cold Hell called Zamhari.

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The meaning of a hadith-i sharif written in Kutub-i Sitta is as follows: Allahu ta'ala permitted the Fire to take two breaths: one is in summer and the other is in winter. The severest heat of summer and the bitterest cold of winter are its two breaths. It is written in Islamic books: A certain place in Hell is called Zamharir. That is, it is cold Hell.

The faithless will be tormented by being thrown once into the cold Hell and then once into the hot one, and then again into the cold one and then again into the hot one. The first human was created from soil. So is the case with genies.

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Though they are created from fire and air, they are not fire or air. Likewise, though the Devil was created from fire and air, he is not fire or air. Akam-il-Marjan Allahu ta'ala's power is infinite. He is not impotent.

Is hell hot or cold?

He can inflict torment on the Devil both in hot Hell and in cold Hell. Just as an iron hacksaw cuts iron, so fire can burn fire. Nothing is difficult for Allahu ta'ala. The Hellfire is so fierce that if a spark from it came to the world it would burn all things and reduce them to ashes.

Targhib Those who are well acquainted with science today know the fact that objects are composed of elements. In short, Allahu ta'ala is not incapable of punishing the unjust. He can punish them with fire or anything else, as well as with cold. The fire will not be the sole means of torment in Hell. Wind chills will remain in the minus to minus degree range for the rest of Wednesday, so still try to stay inside as much as possible. Still, no one is or wants to be taking today's cold crown away from Verkhoyansk, Russia, which reached a temperature of minus 44 degrees.

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